Carmel Public School GAJRAULA (Affiliation No.2130787)
smart class
Educations is the quest to find the truth and to develop ability to express it. Students are provided Smart Class education to explore their innovative ideas. Audio visual Programes on subject matter easily and clearly .
Our library which accommodates around a 60 children at a given point of time provides conducive atmospere for our children to quench their thirst for knowledge. Fiction, fantasy, literature, language, science,
about us
Carmel is the prestigious international school in India, which nourishes talent in various fields of education by giving such type of platform to the students in which they can learn by themselves and makes others to learn.
The school's curriculum is structured in such a way that the Foundation and Primary Section (classes Pre Nursery-V), evolves into the Middle section (classes VI-VIII), which in turn matures into the Secondary and Senior Secondary..